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How Your Work Clothes Could Reduce Your Federal Tax Burden

Posted by Admin Posted on Oct 10 2018

Many people are required to wear specific clothes such as a uniform for work. If you have to pay for this uniform yourself or pay to have the pieces cleaned and maintained, you may qualify for a tax deduction on your federal income taxes. Working with a CPA in Las Vegas could help you determine if you qualify for this Internal Revenue Service benefit.



Determine Which Clothing Is Only Used and Required for Work


Take a look at what you wear to work. Certain gear such as steel-toed work boots, a hard hat or a theatrical costume might qualify if you only use that item for your paid work. Clothing items that could possibly be used in other ordinary situations do not qualify. For example, overalls do not qualify, even if you have to wear them to work.



Document Your Workplace Requirements


Keep a copy of your workplace requirements for uniforms and gear. You might need to have this information in case you get audited by the IRS. If your employer makes a change to the required dress code, keep a copy of those changes or any supporting documentation. For example, an email from your employer that you are now required to wear an orange safety vest on the job and that you must maintain it yourself is something that you should save.



Save Receipts


Save all receipts for the purchase and maintenance of work-related clothing and gear. When you claim the deduction, the expenses must total at least 2 percent of your adjusted gross income. The work clothing and gear is itemized under miscellaneous. You might have other deductions there, too. For example, tools that you are required to provide for yourself in order to do your job might fall into that category.