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The Top Three Reasons Your Company Needs a CPA

Posted by Admin Posted on Aug 09 2018

No matter how large your business is, it is important that you have an organized set of books. This will come in handy when asking for a loan or filling out yearly tax returns. Knowing your numbers can also be helpful when it comes to determining which products make the most money or which locations are the most profitable.



A CPA Can Provide Useful Insights


A certified public accountant can do more than just organize your sales figures or fill out a tax return. He or she can use sales figures or other data to create strategies aimed at better reaching your target market. It may also be possible to learn ways to cut costs or to increase your chances of getting a loan or money from an investor.



CPAs Reduce the Odds of Running Afoul of Tax Laws


If you forget to submit payroll, unemployment insurance or income taxes on time, it could result in significant financial penalties. These penalties could be the difference between making a profit and going out of business quickly. Your CPA will be able to either send reminders as to when tax payments or due or actually make those payments on your behalf.



Your CPA Saves You Time


Working with a certified public accountant can allow you to go home to your family at a reasonable time each night. This is because you won't have to spend hours trying to calculate your profit or loss for the quarter or trying to figure out what your accounts payable are for the quarter. In some cases, the time savings as a CPA in Las Vegas may provide can be just as valuable as the financial savings.